LaPorte, Texas
LaPorte, Texas
FunCare Children's Center Where Learning is FUN!
FunCare Children's Center Where Learning is FUN!

Infants and Toddlers

Infant Program

The program at FunCare actively develops the minds and bodies of infants from birth to 17 months. We only accept four children in this age group because we believe it allows for more cuddling and individual attention for our babies. We are the ONLY CENTER that does not run maximum ratios in this age group! Our program includes activities in sensory, auditory and visual awareness, fine and gross motor training and cognitive skills. Activities to encourage social and emotional development, language, and self-care are also incorporated. We introduce sign language to our older infants and reinforce signs with verbal words.

Our infant staff attend specialized training to maintain a level of excellence in child care and expand their knowledge of the developmental stages of infants. 



Toddler Program


We only accept 6 children in this age group as we believe this age needs individual attention and lots of cuddling! FunCare provides a classroom that embraces a toddler's emerging skills and offers an environment that enables children to explore, climb, walk and expand gross-motor development while also providing the comfort and security they need to thrive. Our Toddler Program introduces communication using simple American Sign Language and intentional speaking with descriptive and reflective language to help children learn how to express themselves and communicate their needs and wants. Our teachers provide a structured classroom routine that focuses on pro-social development and open ended learning opportunities. Everyday offers a balance of teacher directed activities and child initiated discovery. In this classroom the children are provided one on one learning time which include puzzles, color recognition,  sequencing and development of language. This classroom is outfitted with many learning maniplitives and materials! 




  • Cameras with live internet viewing of all classrooms!


  • Front Door Secure Entry system!


  • State Of The Art Technology which include 72" Promenthean Interactive Smart Boards and touch screen computers!

  • ABC Mouse learning connection!

  • All new educational materials!

  • Award-Winning Curriculum!



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