LaPorte, Texas
LaPorte, Texas
FunCare Children's Center Where Learning is FUN!
FunCare Children's Center Where Learning is FUN!

What Your Child Will Learn


Every day your child participates in creative learning experiences from each of our six learning domains that encompass multiple aspects of development.

Language & Literacy

Your child begins developing language skills from the moment they are born.Our program develops listening, speaking, reading and writing competencies to understand and to appreciate the value of literacy for enjoyment and as a means of communication.



Math and Science

Your child encounters math concepts without realizing it. These skills are useful in everyday problem-solving, even while creating and playing. Using scientific thinking and technology, your child observes and explores the environment, forms questions, makes predictions, experiments and records findings.



Social & Emotional

Every day your child builds character, self-esteem and a sense of confidence that leads to independence and working well with others.



Physical Development

Your child participates in a specially-designed physical fitness program that develops motor skills, coordination and body control. Through our nutrition program, your child learns to develop good eating habits and make healthy choices.



Creative Arts

Artistic expression gives your child a range of responses to the world. Music, dance, dramatic play and art activities all lead to valuable brain development, creativity and self-confidence.



Character Development

Character traits like how to share and show self-control, focus and empathy are just as important as reading, writing, math and science. The benefits of a balanced approach to early childhood education are well-documented.



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  • Cameras with live internet viewing of all classrooms!


  • Front Door Secure Entry system!


  • State Of The Art Technology which include 72" Promenthean Interactive Smart Boards and touch screen computers!

  • ABC Mouse learning connection!

  • All new educational materials!

  • Award-Winning Curriculum!



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